4 Month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $23, 63 days for $8.73

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12 months of EA Play converts automatically to 4 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate


List Price:$30.09
With Deal:$23.82


List Price:$30.09
With Deal:$27.79

63 Days of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $8.73

This is a new way to extend your XGPU. Where do the keys come from? They come from Pringels promotion collaboration with Microsoft. I guess, resellers somehow got their hands on tons of those keys and now we, the players, can easily extend our Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 63 days for only $8.55 (IT WORKS FOR ACTIVE SUBSCIRPTION USERS ALSO!)! Of course, you can extend it for more days like 126, a year and so on.

How to do it?

  1. Buy 9 keys from here – Buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – 7 days Xbox live CD Key
  2. Go to the bottom of the site to choose cheaper code, right now 7 days is for $0.95
  • 9 is the most keys you can buy in once transaction, that is why you have to go for two. Of course you can buy much more and extend for much longer (the limit is three years on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate)
  • Redeem your codes on https://redeem.microsoft.com

After you buy it you have to redeem your code on https://redeem.microsoft.com and it will automatically convert your 12 months of EA Play to 4 months of XGPU, this is the best and the cheapest way right now to extend your subscription.

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